Michaela French

Michaela French is an artist, researcher and lecturer working with light and time-based media. Her practice-based research investigates the embodied experience of light and reflects her ongoing
interest in combining the universal and the intimate in her work. 

Michaela’s practice moves between large-scale immersive projection spaces and small light-based objects, all of which explore the interwoven relationship between light, the body and experiences of
wonder. The seeing of light and the visions we have of ourselves and ourplace in the universe are inseparably entwined and as such the body andlight are coincidental. Through the exploration of embodied experience and the materiality of light Michaela’s art works re-frame and reveal the extraordinary in the everyday.

Michaela is a PhD Candidate at the Royal College of Art. She lectures in moving image, animation, motion design and expanded cinema at the Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art, London.

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